Condominium Travel Club, Concord, CA

I unwittingly signed up to win s free trip to Hawaii at a home show in Santa Clara in January this year. About two weeks later I start getting a phone call from the same phone number four days in a row but I miss the call each time because I had some friends in town and I was skiing in Tahoe.

Condominium Travel Club (or Condo Travel Club)

Impossible-to-meet Terms & Conditions.

2-way iscroll for tablets and phones

The maker of the excellent SwipeView and iScroll 4 library for touch-enabled browsers has a somewhat unpublicized standalone library that has two-axis scrolling. It snaps if you swipe/scroll horizontally across columns (pages) and scrolls smoothly with momentum when you scroll vertically within a column.

Without modification I am able to use the library to create a reasonable snap-to-scroll on both X and Y axes.

The best thing about the library is that it will lock into a single scroll axis as you are scrolling. Beautiful!

MacWorld 2013

Cool notables from MacWorld 2013

Izik by blekko. A search engine user experience designed specifically for use on a tablet.

iPole is an iPhone/iPod-holding retracting stick for taking self portraits. Fully collapsed the iPole mini is about 18-inches long. The key component is the spring-loaded vice grip that holds your iPhone in place. You can connect the device to a standard tripod. The booth was also selling a walking stick for use with the vice grip that will come in handy for hiking.

Olloclip fisheye/macro/wide lens for iphone camera. Nice form factor.

Peculiar things at MacWorld 2013

A bird watching app… How did they afford a booth? I understand that bird-watching is a serious endeavor but this booth was seriously tricked out with some nice HD displays and lights.

Non-dairy grilled cheese. The first thing I happened across upon entering the expo hall was a giant grilled cheese booth giving out samples of non-dairy cream cheese. I have to say it was actually quite enjoyable.