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Iterable recipe: inject data from a custom event into userProfile for email template

An email I’ve been working on needs to refer back to information from a previous event. The problem here is that the I wanted to reference the title of a video that was watched in the past within a blast

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test form

Check out this awesome test form! It won’t work inside of the Facebook app for iOS.

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Podcast generic takeaways

As a long time wantrepreneur with a brutal commute I listen to a lot of podcasts about business, real estate, investing, and online marketing. Podcasts and books in these realms have common threads that I believe must be basic common

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Condominium Travel Club, Concord, CA

I unwittingly signed up to win s free trip to Hawaii at a home show in Santa Clara in January this year. About two weeks later I start getting a phone call from the same phone number four days in

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the lazy man’s social blog

Twitter and Facebook auto-posting configured! Using Social network

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tweet tweet

testing the twitter plugin

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new post here

for (var i = 0; i++ ; i < 100){this;syntax;}

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New blog here

Just starting up a refresh of my blog. I’m switching over to a new platform to ease maintenance. I used Drupal for 6 years and have found that Drupal is difficult to migrate. The old stuff is still available. InfoEntropy

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