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Net10 and other AT&T MVNO carriers should be pissed off at AT&T right now

Apple’s release of iOS 6.0 has likely caused Net10 (a.k.a. Straight Talk or Tracfone) and other AT&T MVNO mobile carriers a LOT of headaches this year. I think AT&T asked Apple to hide the APN settings menus purposely with the

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Weekend Project: Do-it-yourself home Time Capsule wireless backup

I have been using a USB external hard drive to hold my Time Machine backups. Unfortunately I rarely plug the USB drive into my laptop because I like the freedom of walking around with my Macbook Air.  Thus, it became

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Missing Cellular Data Settings on iOS 6

I recently bought a used iPhone 4 from my friend for use on the Net10 (a.k.a Tracfone or StraightTalk) network. Net10 piggybacks as a MVNO carrier on the AT&T or T-mobile networks. Ever since I got the phone, data and

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