WordPress vs Django for content prototype

Smashing Magazine has an article on how to create a custom post type in WordPress.

I was considering building out a content website with Django+Mezzanine but I think it will be much more cost effective if I can get away with a custom post type on WordPress.

I would much prefer to use Python + Django but the time and costs are prohibitive and it would only make sense if I were going to go heavy-duty on with the relational databases. Optimistically with my beginner to mid-level experience it would take 5-6 hours to set up a proper Django server. Here’s what I would have to do to create a Django based system:

  • get a VPS ($15/month)
  • Install all necessary Python + Django packages [1 hour to for virtualenvs & finding all dependencies]
  • setup nginx/apache with proper proxies etc [2 hours because I haven’t set this up in a while]
  • install & configure Postgres database [2 hours because Postgres is always messed up]
  • remain open to all kinds of security flaws since I don’t know how to lock down firewalls and other VPS stuff.
  • Now I can start development.

With WordPress I can (hopefully) build my plugins and have everything hosted by standard webhosts that are much more affordable. WordPress plugin on the other hand

  • pick a cheap shared webhost [$5/month]
  • install WordPress through cPanel->Fanstastico [10 minutes]
  • Find & install 5-6 plugins in my personal “boilerplate” [1 hour with WP plugin system]
  • start my own plugin development

Obviously these two systems are not an apples-to-apples comparison. A shared webhost WP site could probably only handle a small fraction of the traffic that even a half-assed Django setup would be able to handle. And, if traffic started to grow you could get kicked off that shared webhost (this has happened to me). Plus, your site would never survive a slashdot (reddit) tidal wave.

But at the end of the day I just need a CMS on which I can add some basic bells and whistles. WordPress will satisfy that need cheaply and easily for 95% of my purposes.