Google Universal Analytics happy and sad

Google recently release Universal Analytics. It requires some code changes but I think the new developer interface is going to be quite a bit more usable.


New API – The best change I see (in the first 10 minutes of looking) is the change from flat arrays to dictionary/hash/associative arrays for configuring options. Event tracking code just got much easier to follow. Cool!

Callbacks – Now can have better knowledge when tracking has completed its execution. I’m sure that lots of data got lost when trying to trigger custom events on form submission.

Variables/Namespaces -I do not have to rely on the mysterious _gaq variable. You can now name your own Analytics variable. I probably wasn’t ever going to create my own _gaq var.

User Timing – it appears that Universal Analytics has some features for tracking the time it takes for pages to load. Rather than diving into my own logs, Analytics will profile performance for me? Excelente!


I may have to re-code some significant stuff that uses the old Google Analytics.