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My boilerplate setup for WordPress

When setting up a WordPress site, these are the first plugins that I install on every project. Google Analyticator Google XML sitemaps – for SEO Social (by MailChimp) – to cross post into Twitter & Facebook Google Adsense PLugin (by

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WordPress vs Django for content prototype

Smashing Magazine has an article on how to create a custom post type in WordPress. I was considering building out a content website with Django+Mezzanine but I think it will be much more cost effective if I can get away

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CoffeeScript is cool. Makes JavaScript more like Python

Being a fan of Python programming I have developed a fondness for  CoffeeScript. Although some of the whitespace conventions for CoffeeScript are quirky the code is much easier to write. I think however CoffeeScript’s vendetta against parentheses and curly braces

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jQuery Deferred

The jQuery concept of Deferred objects feels a bit more complicated than what I used to do with MochiKit‘s Async library. It could simply be the naming conventions that jQuery has chosen. Deferred asynchronous calls can be used for more

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Notes from first project using Backbone Marionette

I really enjoy using Backbone.Marionette. I was recently tasked with a pretty exciting opportunity at work: build a cross platform mobile web app. This project has been (still is) incredibly challenging for me because I’ve never built anything like this

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US Passport Photo Maker

a.k.a. How to make Passport Photos with a Mac a.k.a How to make Passport Photos with a PC The US Department of state has a Flash tool to properly size and crop a passport photo. Since it’s Flash and works in

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Condominium Travel Club, Concord, CA

I unwittingly signed up to win s free trip to Hawaii at a home show in Santa Clara in January this year. About two weeks later I start getting a phone call from the same phone number four days in

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2-way iscroll for tablets and phones The maker of the excellent SwipeView and iScroll 4 library for touch-enabled browsers has a somewhat unpublicized standalone library that has two-axis scrolling. It snaps if you swipe/scroll horizontally across columns (pages) and scrolls smoothly with momentum when you scroll

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MacWorld 2013

Cool notables from MacWorld 2013 Izik by blekko. A search engine user experience designed specifically for use on a tablet. iPole is an iPhone/iPod-holding retracting stick for taking self portraits. Fully collapsed the iPole mini is about 18-inches long. The key

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Tiny House resources

Humble Homes, Simple Shacks Smart Guide: Sheds How to Build Treehouses (David Stiles) Sheds: The DIY Guide (David Stiles)

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